Thursday, 9 July 2015

Homemade Vegan Cold Killer

This past week I've been dealing with a bad bronchitis. As most of you by now, I don't like taking medications and I DIY 90% of my life. So, it is no surprise that I have come up with a vegan vapour rub, or as I like to call it... my cold killer.

Oh this is virtually mess free! All you need is a crockpot, mason jar and the ingredients.

A Message To All of You...

Yes... it has been a while.

Very sorry for my long pause from Blogging. Recently when I said I would be closing The Country Vegan I got A LOT of very sweet emails asking me not to. That people loved my blog and they loved what I have posted. I did a lot of thinking, and as you can see... I am back!

I did think about restarting from scratch. New handle, new site, new everything. Move away from the "vegan" specific blog entirely and make it more generalized. I have recently been attacked on Social Media for having Vegan Views and being a Country Girl. That I could not be both. That being country meant I have to hunt, fish and wear leather cowboy boots. Last time I checked, being country meant being simple and humble?  I decided, evidently to stay with The Country Vegan. When people tell me you can't... gives me all the more will to prove them wrong. To show them that you can love animals and still be a country girl.

In the next few months, I will be posting new things, at the same time as working a brand new site. Once it is all done and pretty (It looks great right now, but not quite perfect for you guys yet!) I will share with you all the new things! I listened. More DIY, more Vegan Fashion and more Food and Drink Recipes.

I look forward to the new me. Excited for the new things to come your way.

Thank you all for your kind words and support over the last few months.


Ashley <3

Saturday, 22 November 2014

French Onion Soup

Many of you don't know that I grew up with 2 pretty awesome grandmothers. One was Scottish who was married go a German man (dads side) and the other, my mom's side, was French Canadian. I got exposed to German food and French Canadian food at a very young age and it's something that I love. What I love now, is being able to veganize the recipes.

This is recipe number 2 of the 3 soups I am veganizing. Paying tribute to my French roots... French Onion Soup.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Traditional Country Chowder...Veganized!

The leaves are turning colours, smell of wood burning in the air and the beginning of cool fall days. It's the beginning of comfort food season, and for Canada, Thanksgiving will be quickly on our doorstep.

A lot has been going on. I recently moved into the city (still adjusting to apartment living), new job and I've had a very sick kitty that was my number 1 priority. But I am back and I am bringing you my favourite country recipes, that I have veganized. These are my comfort foods. My grandmothers were both unbelievable cooks and they would make these for me growing up. Of course they were never vegan and they never had a recipe, so I've had to try until it tastes just like the soups I remember as a kid.

Up first... Country Chowder

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Rose Bath Salt

Keeping up with the theme of using up you Valentine's Roses, why not turn them into a very fragrant bath salt.

I like doing this with vanilla bean, but I thought, why not try it with roses. Smells amazing and I cannot wait to take a bath.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rose Sugar Scrub

Well, Valentine's day was a week ago and if you got some roses, you are probably noticing that they are starting to wilt. I was lucky enough to get some roses on Valentine's day, but I'm really sad that I could potentially be throwing them out...

Today is a sick day for me. I just spent some time watching Marie Antoinette. While watching it, and seeing all the colours and flowers I thought to myself... why not make a magical, luxurious sugar scrub using a rose.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sweet Potato Carrot Soup

Is it summer yet? This winter has been pretty cold so far. My diet in the winter usually consists of soup as my main source of food. It's hot and comforting, yet still healthy, filling and low calories, which means you can have a bowl or two. Eating a lot of colour this time of the year is important to prevent from getting sick. I did not practise what I preach recently, and I got really sick and even missed work. So it is important to keep it colourful.

I came up with this soup tonight actually and it is actually pretty tasty. I had a few vegetables in my fridge that needed to be used before they turned, and the easiest way to use up food is to make a soup.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

What's Inside My Vegan Purse

Alright, so this has been my most requested thing to do on my blog. I get emails, tweets and Instagram messages asking me to let you know what is inside my purse. Well my friends, lucky for you, I am a people pleaser so we will all find out what is inside my Vegan Purse!

Guys, I am sorry this may not apply to you, but if you do read it, you will understand why girls carry purses. We carry a lot of stuff. This will explain why we do the things you do, and give you a whole new idea of the girl world.

 First off: The Purse

My faves

I got my purse and these boots at Spring Shoes! A lot of the shoes and purses are vegan and are very affordable and they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. All synthetic and they do last a long time. Unless of course, you have a cat who likes eating your purses, and if you do have that problem like I do, make sure you do not leave them on the ground. Ever.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Game Day Vegan Beef Dip Sandwich!

I used to be a waitress. I worked in a few restaurants and this is where I learned the majority of my skills. I was a waitress for 7 years. In that time, I learned a lot about the food industry and how to cook meals in 5 minutes because there was often times I would be a waitress and a cook at the same time.

In one of the restaurants I worked at, there was an item called a Beef Dip Sandwich. Evidently, I never ate it, however the concept of it sounded delish! Well my friends... I just made this sandwich vegan style!

This sandwich is great for a quick, hearty meal or to serve it at a sports event. It's a pub style dish, so I'm certain many of you will find ways to incorporate this in an event.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cookies

The cold weather is upon us which means you won't die from the heat in your kitchen. After having a pretty terrible week, I have been cooking and baking to stop thinking about all the drama around me.

I had a craving for cookies so I looked what was in my pantry and came up with some pretty delicious cookies, that I am eating at I write this post so that I won't forget my recipe.

The final product
Note, these may not be that good for kids. They do contain coffee in them, so be aware of that. I've nicknamed these "Grown Up Chocolate Chip Cookies" you know, given there is alcohol and coffee in them.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Response to Blackfish

As we start to hear more and more horrible things about SeaWorld, CNN airs an amazing and timely documentary called Blackfish. The film follows the story of trainer deaths at SeaWorld and the story of Tilikum, the largest whale in captivity.
Poster of Blackfish
The film is breath taking, beautiful and very well executed. You truly see how the producer wanted you feel with stunning imagery and heart wrenching stories. It is no wonder, this film is capturing audiences all over and is showing how captivity is no place for any animal, let alone a majestic orca.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

How To Have A Meatless Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here in a matter of days! DAYS! I am so insanely excited because Thanksgiving to me is truly a time where we really get to eat the most delicious harvest foods of the year. Fall brings the most amazing root vegetables that, if you are like me, that you have been waiting for ALL year to come back!

I, unfortunately, do spend Thanksgiving with meat eaters. I somehow, am the only vegan in my family so I am surrounded by meat eaters during this time of the year, which means, meat is being served around me this weekend. One sneaky trick you can do to try and skew their appetite is take over the side dishes and desserts when you are put in this situation. (Not going to lie, I cannot wait to be able to throw dinner parties at my house in order to make Thanksgiving completely meatless).
My Thanksgiving dinner this year

Today I am going to share with you some very easy recipes that you can make that any meat lover will love and that truly highlight some of falls most amazing produce and flavours.

Monday, 7 October 2013

My Fave Pumpkin Things!

After my last post, on how to have an ecofriendly thanksgiving, I thought to myself, I should probably give you some ideas on how to use up your pumpkins. Today, I'm going to share with you some very simple and quick recipes to use up your pumpkins and make the most of them.
Pumpkins can be used, in my opinion, in pretty much anything. It is so easy to get creative with pumpkin because it is a very versatile ingredient.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

How To Have Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving and Halloween are approaching us very quickly (To my American friends, Canada's Thanksgiving is always the second weekend of October). Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday because, if you think about it carefully, it is the ONLY holiday where gifts are not the focal point of the holiday. It truly is a holiday where you get to spend time with your loved ones and actually be thankful for the people that are in your life. Not to mention, the delicious food.

With any holiday, there is a lot of waste. Decorations, in my opinion, are the culprit to much waste in the holiday season. This time of the year, it's PUMPKINS!

Pumpkins are quickly showing up on everyone's front door step, in people's homes and in our recipes. It is that time of year again, where pumpkins are making their presence known to us. One thing we all must realise is that pumpkins are a food, and should not be wasted.

Local pumpkins at a country fair contest

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Fall Perogy Soup

Hello my friends! I first want to appologize for my tardiness with my blog lately. Currently looking for a new job, starting up my homemade cosmetics line and looking for a place to live. Not to mention, a recent surgery.

I want to share you with my Fall Perogy Soup. Yes, its a soup that tastes like perogies. Fall has crept up on us pretty quickly and it's that time of the year where soups and comfort food are making a comback. This recipe will kick off my Thanksgiving themed posts, and I hope you make this and love it!

Monday, 19 August 2013

BNTO - My new favourite lunch box

Hello my lovelies. I want to share a product with you that I have been in love with since the moment I received it in the mail. Cuppow has come out with a new product called BNTO. It turns a regular wide mouth mason jar into a lunch box.

I have been using mason jars long before they became popular. When I first discovered Cuppow. it took my love of mason jars to a whole new level. Every day I have people asking me 'hey what is that?'  Cuppow has truly become my favourite vegan product of all time. I use my lids for drinks in the car, at work, on the bus and I even bring it travelling with me. 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

How To Keep Cool...The Natural Way

Well, summer has come at full force this year. It appears that this heat is not over. These past 2 weeks have really taken it's toll on me. Normally I'm ok in the heat but this year I just cannot take it any more.

I do not use my A/C unit at home, so I have come up with some pretty clever ways to stay cool naturally. Some, you might think: "Really Ashley, this is how you keep cool?" and my answer to that is Yes... and it works!

Up first: Cold Hot Water Bottles
This might seem strange but this is how I get by. I take 2 hot water bottles and put ice cold water in them, or put them in the freezer 2 hours before bed. I then place them under my ankles or knees, or sometimes behind my neck and on my stomach and it cools me down. It may seem far out there, but trust me, it does work.

By placing something cold on these areas, it has actually been proven to lower your body temperature. And when you are done with the water, you can water your plants with it or reuse it for a few nights.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Pitbull Advocate

I've been very M.I.A lately and I do apologize. I've been doing a lot of research and helping local shelters in animal adoptions. As all of you know I have 2 beautiful rescues at home so this topic is very close to my heart.
How can we fear sonething this cute?
Through all of the research I have done and meeting people and the beautiful animals they rescue, I have fallen in love with the pitbull breed. Some of you might be thinking: "but Ashley, they are blood thirsty, vicious dangerous dogs that should not be around your cats, young children or other humans". Well my friends, if you spend 5 minutes with a pitbull and see their strength, personalities and their intelligence. You will soon discover that these dogs are not what the media portrays them to be.

You are all probably wondering why I am pulling for this breed because I am not a pitbull owner. While doing some research I discovered that 7-9 million pets are euthanized a year in Canada and the United States and pitbulls make up a big percentage of that number. It is said that 1 out of every 1200 pitbulls in North America will have a home. The others are condemned  to death by Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), dog fighting and because of their bad reputation, they are often passed up on by people because of their breed at the shelters.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Being vegan sucks sometimes...

This is not a typical post, a few things have frustrated me recently and I would like to know if anyone has experienced this as well.

First of all, ever go to a restaurant with non vegans and when you went to a given restaurant they had veg options but then all of a sudden the only veg thing on the menu is a burger? Or when you inquire about salads and they all contain meat and cheese and ask 'can I have that replaced with more vegetables?' and the answer is 'yes, but at an extra cost'? When was a salad not vegetarian?

This is something that has come up multiple times with friends. I worked in the food service industry for 7 years of my life. I was a waitress for 6 years and a barista at Starbucks for one and I know how some foods can appear to be vegetarian but are not. An example of this (although I don't eat eggs anymore), is when I was vegetarian, I would go to this restaurant called Broadways here where their busiest meal they serve is breakfast and the most popular thing is their homefries. Rumour had it that they use chicken stock in their homefries. They have 'vegetarian' options where they have veggie omelets with a side of chicken stock homefries. I inquired about this way back when and found this out. I spoke to the manager to stress my concern and was met with a 'we understand your concern'. No where on the menu does it notify vegetarians about this ingredient and nor do the servers notify you when you say 'I'm vegetarian' because it is considered to be 'a secret ingredient'. To all my fellow veggies who think it is safe to eat there, I apologize because not many people know.

I contacted the media and even their head offices to stress this concern. To date, the media has never responded to emails, nor have the head offices. I think people are scared of vegetarians because we actually demand to know what's in our food. Restaurants especially don't like us vegans because salads aren't even veg friendly.

I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this sort of issue. If so, leave a comment below or send me an email at I look forward to this discussion.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Banana Nut (almost raw) Vegan Ice Cream

Yup! You read that title right. It's that time of the year when it is very hot and you want something to cool down with. I love the vegan ice creams however they have a lot of sugar and the majority contain soy! So here is my recipe for a raw treat this summer

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